Fehr Family

Fourteen years ago, with the birth of their first child, Rhonda and Oded happily took on the responsibility of living a healthier lifestyle. As the family grew, so did their passion for cooking, and very soon their home kitchen became the testing ground for new and nutritious recipes. The second child inspired a move out of the city and into Ojai, with its avocado and citrus orchards and fields of organically grown vegetables. In a search to find the best quality and local produce, they established relationships with their neighboring farmers. It is then they developed their recipe for falafel.  

Very passionate about opening their life in Ojai to friends and family, led to sharing many Mediterranean meals, a staple of Oded’s childhood. Encouraged by those around them, Simplyfehr was conceived as a way to bring their 100% no compromise organic falafel, with that special taste of Ojai, to your restaurant. To Rhonda and Oded’s delight, the product, in its many forms, has become a destination item in restaurants across Los Angeles and Ventura County.